Best Bar in Brighton: In a city packed with Irish pubs, this Brighton destination is known for dominating the international sports scene. Plenty of TVs and projection screens allow fans to cheer for rugby and hurling, soccer (or footy). Expect a lively atmosphere with the upcoming London Olympics. Our advice? Mingle with the locals during the week while enjoying traditional eats like bangers and mash and make room for the younger crowd reveling on the weekend.
~Improper Bostonian, 2012
»Located in Boston's Brighton neighborhood, The Green Briar offers a casual dining atmosphere, with Irish flare! »
Watch Video, 2011
»At the Briar, aspiring strummers and whistlers have a place to learn their craft in a more welcoming atmosphere at a more manageable pace, with musicians of similar skill ... Players arrive to hearty greetings, swap music and stories, and take time between reels to take it all in. Slower is a refreshing change of pace, many say. You wouldn't gulp a Guinness, after all. » Read More
~The Boston Globe, 2007

by ICS